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Astrology and Your Health

2002 Charles Kipp

The term "Medical Astrology," which has even served as the title for a book, is very controversial, because the factors of astrology said to relate to health and illness require a different way of thinking than that of the hard end of medical science, with its emphasis on allopathic methods and practices.

Astrology addresses the flow of energies through your personality in a way that can be very helpful toward understanding how you can be stressed unto illness or how you resolve tension that produces illness, through a study of the Sixth House of your birthchart and the placements and movements of related factors through the course of your life.

If you can recall or recreate the feeling you have just before an important meeting with another person, especially when very high stakes of some kind are involved, you have a sense of what the Sixth House means in your birthchart. This feeling of intense anticipation and urgency for preparation is characteristic of the Sixth House phase of your personal cycle of development.

This is how it works. Astrology applies the very essence of holistic philosophy, because it addresses the human organism in relation to the greater whole (organism) of the solar-planetary system in which it operates. This goes to root causes at the quantum-genetic level in terms of symbolism designed to represent cyclic rhythms of biological processes on Earth. Astrology provides a way to think about your life in subjective terms that are intimately involved with the workings of your body, particularly the manner in which you hold your metabolism and regulate stress.

Consciously attuning to these energy flows and patterns certainly does not take the place of needed treatment based on conventional medical procedures, but it can help to enable you to adopt attitudes and perspectives that put you in an advantageous position to maximize the benefits of all approaches to health care and treatment.

So what is your Sixth House, and why does it have anything to do with your health? Your birthchart is a map of the solar-planetary system from a specific time and place on Earth (your birth moment). It is drawn as a circle divided into twelve pie-slice sections with upper and lower halves (sky and earth) divided by the Horizon. The twelve houses of your birthchart are numbered in the order that they rise above the eastern Horizon (the Ascendant) on the left side of the birthchart (counter-clockwise) as Earth rotates eastward.

Your first six houses (below your Horizon) represent six stages of your inner personal development, working on the substance of your personality, as it were. Your last six houses, Seventh through Twelfth (above your Horizon), represent six stages of your outer personal development, working with other people and the community at large.

Your Sixth House is the last of the first six houses (below your Horizon), immediately preceeding your Seventh House (the first of the houses above your Horizon). Your Sixth House must therefore complete the process of inner development required to prepare you for the ordeal of dealing with other people, in the bridal suite, the boardroom, on the battlefield, or whatever the arrangement.

For this fundamental reason, the processes associated with your Sixth House (health, work and devotion), are brought into play in the cycle of your personal development in a manner characterized by the sign on its cusp (the dividing line between your Fifth and Sixth Houses) in your birthchart. Furthermore, the planet that rules that sign executes the function of your personality that most directly conditions your metabolism and the manner that you process stress.

If you know your rising sign, chances are you have the sign preceeding the sign opposite your rising sign on the cusp of your Sixth House. (It is best to consult a properly constructed birthchart.) For example, if you have Aries rising, then the sign opposite Aries is Libra, and the sign preceeding Libra is Virgo. Therefore, with Aries rising, you probably have Virgo on your Sixth House cusp.

In that case, your health issues would be characterized by Virgoan concerns of prudent management of your personal affairs and useful techniques for solving problems resourcefully. Your health would also be closely attuned with and modulated by the planet Mercury, both in terms of its placement in your birthchart and its transiting and progressed movements in relation to natal factors.

You must understand your whole birthchart in order to put knowledge of your Sixth House to good use toward understanding your health, or perhaps your role as a health care provider. Again, this is due to the holistic nature of all astrological knowledge. The references provided above, however, are enough to enable you to look at your birthchart and immediately recognize meaningful perspectives on matters pertaining to health in your life. The benefits of these perspectives can only be enhanced by further study into how they play into the entire natal configuration.

In these stressful times, due to an ongoing onslaught of intensely focused planetary transits over the past year and continuing into the year ahead, it becomes all the more important to have astrological perspectives on how these challenges affect our health and bodily well being. World culture is entering a purging phase that manifests at biological as well as political and economic levels.

What is the sign on the cusp of your Sixth House? How is the planetary ruler of that sign placed in your birthchart? Is the ruling planet of your Sixth House a personal, social or transformative planet? Are any planets natally placed in your Sixth House? How do you experience planetary transits through your Sixth House? These are all questions that pertain to your health.

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